Celebrating The Life of Angelo Easy Miller

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Cleveland!! This Saturday at 2pm!! Show up in support of Ms Alicia Kirkman, a Cleveland Mom who lost her beautiful and loving son to a Cleveland police officer in 2007. Ms. Kirkman is a mother of the movement and your support is needed! Those most impacted by police violence in Cleveland must be seen, supported, and lifted in their quest for justice! Please join us this Saturday @ 2pm at E. 79th & Hough, for a short march to a beautiful mural and billboard that Ms. Kirkman has organized, honoring her son and continuing the struggle for justice! Ms. Kirkman continues to advocate for police accountability and reform here in Cleveland and she needs you to show up in support!!! See you there!! WEAR WHITE, WEAR MASKS, PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING. https://facebook.com/events/s/celebrating-the-life-of-angelo/703622033517414/?ti=clLike