We demand three hearings and open public comment on Operation Legend.

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Call on Cleveland City Council to Demand Public Comment on Operation Legend!


It is our understanding that on Sept. 3, 2020 the Safety Committee of Cleveland City Council approved and forwarded to full Council a proposal for a grant application to participate in the Department of Justice program called Operation Relentless Pursuit/Operation Legend, the latest of many initiatives pairing local law enforcement with federal agents and overseen by the US Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.

This federal police funding initiative should be subject to the legal requirement for three hearings. We demand this legal process and reject any proposal to pass “emergency” measures to bring Operation Relentless Pursuit/Operation Legend to Cleveland without public hearing or comment.

This is a moment in which the citizens of Cleveland need to engage in conversation about public safety in our city. Here are some of the points we would like Council to debate:

Read the rest of the petition https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/we-demand-three-hearings-and-open-public-comment-on-operation-legend-2/  . 

Visit the Resist Operation Relentless Pursuit/Legend to learn more about the DOJ program. https://www.facebook.com/ResistORPCleveland 

For media or general inquiries: resistorpcle@gmail.com 

It is important to have our voices heard. Sign the petition and call your councilperson, demand public hearings before voting on Operation Legend.

Ward #

1 Joe Jones 216-664-4944

2 Kevin Bishop 216-664-4945

3 Kerry McCormick 216-664-2691

4 Ken Johnson 216-664-4941

5 Phyllis Cleveland 216-664-2309

6 Blaine Griffin 216-664-4234

7 Basheer Jones 216-664-2908

8 Michael Polensek 216-664-4236

9 Kevin Conwell 216-664-4252

10 Anthony Hairston 216-664-4743

11 Brian Mooney 216-664-3708

12 Anthony Brancatelli 216-664-4233

13 Kevin Kelley 216-664-4579

14 Jasmin Santana 216-664-4238

15 Matt Zone 216-664-4235

16 Brian Kazy 216-664-2942

17 Charles Slife 216-664-4239