Presidential Debate: And The State Of Black Lives Matter

The First Presidential Debate is being hosted here in Cleveland, One of several Cities chosen by the Trump Administration, a Department of Justice policing initiative targeting seven “most violent cities Albuquerque, Baltimore, Detroit, Kansas City, Memphis, and Milwaukee. 

“Operation Relentless Pursuit” and “Operation Legend”.

Seven cities were selected for this military-style policing “surge”. OPR was proposed by US Attorney General William Barr as a way to pour money into seven “problem cities” with the goal of hiring more police, increasing police militarization, widening the surveillance net, and evading local control. 

Just as with other policing efforts, this surge is targeting black and brown communities, especially youth. While here in Cleveland we have a prosecutor who has a record of binding over black juveniles at an alarming rate. We have a police department who has a pattern and practice of using excessive and deadly force against black and brown people, who just shot out a man’s eye with a rubber bullet this past May 30th.

We say NO to this racist funding project, and we are calling on all Cleveland area community members, organizers, activists, residents of Cleveland, as well as Ohio and national police and prison abolitionists to join us in Cleveland on September 29th 2020. As we demand an end to Trump’s reign of terror on black people, black communities, and communities of color.  We demand changes to the ways in which our communities are policed. We demand the arrest and conviction of police officer’s who murder black people with impunity. We demand the divesting of federal and local funding of police, and we demand the re-investing in black communities, communities of color, schools, affordable housing, health care, mental health, drug treatment, and living wages.

Come out and join us at 5pm next Tuesday September 29th For the first Presidential Debate of the 2020 Presidential Election Facebook Event page Link: 

 Date: Tuesday, September 29th

Time: 5pm – 8pm

Location: Wade Lagoon

also known as the Duck Pond