Tamir’s Campaign: Next Steps

The latest update from Tamir’s Campaign for Justice.

We are urging Biden’s DOJ and the House Judiciary Committee to reopen the investigation by June 25th 2021, Tamir’s birthday. We have launched a letter campaign with the help of powerful allies and will build on that momentum until justice is won.

Our Up to Us Awareness Day was a success. Participants engaged in listening to Samaria Rice’s story of Tamir, building relationships around our own stories, learning the history of the campaign, and finding ways to take action. Look out for media coverage of the event tonight or tomorrow morning! A recording will be made available soon. 

We are heartened by the many letters being prepared and sent to the DOJ on behalf of Tamir Rice, and are looking forward to seeing more. Will you help us ask national organizations, influential figures, and elected officials to join our letter-writing campaign? Cc tamirscampaign@gmail.com and attach our messaging guide in your correspondence so that we can support communications and answer any questions they may have. Your help with this is much appreciated.

We are looking forward to our upcoming virtual direct actions during which we will email-blast our own letter to the DOJ and storm social media with calls to action for Tamir. You can sign up for these events on May 26th here and on June 9th here.

Last but not least, we are asking for your help to build our volunteer base. Download the Impactive app (campaign code: 749986) or sign up on the web and you will be able to quickly and easily text or email your contacts to invite them to our actions and campaign. If you would like to help us cover the financial costs incurred by using this digital tool, we would gratefully receive that and you can Cashapp Ms. Rice at $SamariaRice.

Like us, you’re probably ready to see this conviction done with and may even resent the idea that we need to struggle for it at all. But we’re here because we believe justice CAN be won for Tamir Rice in 2021. This is a hopeful vision, and we hope you feel the power in our movement and that you believe our campaign has a winning plan.