Take action against Blaine Griffin’s undemocratic attempt to control city council

In less than 24 hours after the election, Councilman Blaine Griffin and 6 other members of Cleveland City Council called for an election for the New Council President.

History is repeating itself for another freshman group of Cleveland City Council members and incumbents. Last term in Cleveland City Council,  just before the newly elected members were sworn in, were forced to decide on who the next council president would be. 

Clevelanders voted for their new council persons to advocate for them, to be transparent and accountable. What is being forced upon the new members of City Council will not allow them the opportunity to caucus where they can understand and negotiate what’s best for their constituents and the city of Cleveland.  Councilman Griffin is attempting to repeat exactly what was done to him in his first elected term. This is disheartening, but not surprising. We must stop this vicious cycle, and abolish unit rule.

Councilman Blaine Griffin was tapped by both Frank Jackson, and Kevin Kelley to be the next city council president in order to retain old deals and the status quo.  The status quo has turned Cleveland into one of the poorest and most segregated Cities in the Country, and any Council member should be able to deliberate on any and all decisions that have huge implications. 

Forced party rule voting is not only unnecessary, due to our city council members all being democrats, but it is nothing short of oppressive and undemocratic. This is not what democracy looks like.

Advocates are ready to support any council elect or incumbent who chooses true democracy over party strong arm tactics. 

We are asking Cleveland residents to call your City Council Members and ask two things:

  1. Postpone the vote and let the process be run democratically, giving council members a chance to hear from those who would seek to be Council President
  1. If forced to vote, do not elect Blaine Griffin. Why?
  • He will continue the undemocratic practices of the past,
  • He fought against true police reform and accountability in his opposition of Issue 24,
  • He will be the one responsible for redrawing the ward maps
  • He holds the purse string to the slush fund, – Council Leadership Fund PAC, which needs to be dissolved.