Celebrating The Life of Angelo Easy Miller

Cleveland!! This Saturday at 2pm!! Show up in support of Ms Alicia Kirkman, a Cleveland Mom who lost her beautiful and loving son to a Cleveland police officer in 2007. Ms. Kirkman is a mother of the movement and your support is needed! Those most impacted by police violence in Cleveland must be seen, supported, and lifted in their quest for justice! Please join us this Saturday @ 2pm at E. 79th & Hough, for a short march to a beautiful mural and billboard that Ms. Kirkman has organized, honoring her son and continuing the struggle for justice! Ms. Kirkman continues to advocate for police accountability and reform here in Cleveland and she needs you to show up in support!!! See you there!! WEAR WHITE, WEAR MASKS, PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING.



Stop Federal Police Funding in Cleveland

We urge those concerned about over-policing in Cleveland to help us end the Trump/Barr sponsored Operation Legend:

Federal police funding to hire more police and increase surveillance technologies targeting Black and Brown neighborhoods in our city as well as Albuquerque, Baltimore, Detroit, Kansas City, Memphis, and Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Indianapolis.

Please sign a letter to support the Lieu amendment to H.R. 7617, which would forbid any federal funding for these joint federal task force operations:…/end-future-funding-of…/

BlmCle Press Statement


Regarding The Murder At King Kennedy By Police: We’d like to begin by lifting up the name of Arthur Keith, this loving 18 year old was a young man balancing having a social life and always having time to love and be there for his family and everyone who knew him …………but police would like to define him by this one moment where he is alleged to have been a dangerAgain here is what we know… a young man who was running away was considered a threat and was shot and murdered while running away. We know that he was shot by an employee of CMHA which has personnel impersonating law enforcement because to be law enforcement you must undergo state mandated training which CMHA does not and as a result people die.We would like for members of City Council to launch an investigation into the legitimacy of the officers and to create legislation requiring more and better training. They need to do more than respond to citizens being angry by sending out people to calm residents but respond to citizens being murdered by requiring more from police.We ask that this not only be thoroughly investigated and that the prosecutors who boast they could indict a ham sandwich will do what so few seem able to do….indict a cop. Also we demand that the prosecutor’s office shut down any and all police agencies like CMHA, Transit Police and more that don’t undergo state mandatory training which can be life saving.


We Vote 4 Tamir

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A voter turnout drive will be held Sunday afternoon at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to honor Tamir Rice and other victims of police brutality.

The Ohio Student Association, the Tamir Rice Foundation, Black Lives Matter Cleveland and Cleveland Votes are partnering to urge young people especially to vote. The event will run from 1-5 p.m.
Tamir, 12, was shot and killed by Cleveland police in 2014. He would have been 18 this year, the presidential election the first he would have been able to vote in.

Samaria Rice, Tamir’s mother, wants people to know it’s important to vote and to take the election and every future election seriously.

“Whoever wins the elections, we need to make him accountable,” Rice said in a news release. “Accountability looks like policy change, which includes a ceasefire on Black and brown people. We are being hunted out here; there’s a war being committed against Black and brown people. It’s very crucial to the American people that they take this election seriously.”

Rice and Cleveland Votes have created a how-to-vote guide to help young people navigate the voting process, said Rachael Collyer, the program director of the Ohio Student Association.

Coffee and hot chocolate will be served, and people will receive We Vote 4 Tamir stickers at the event. Collyer said they’ll be encouraged to take a selfie and use the hashtag #WeVote4Tamir.

“Take a voting selfie, encourage the people in your life to come out and vote,” Collyer said. “In particular because Tamir never got the chance to, and our votes do make a difference. And the system that took Tamir away has to be changed. To quote Ms. Rice, ‘Please do not take your right to vote in vain.’”

The Cleveland Presidential Debate for Black Lives and Climate Justice


We invite you to join a broad, inter-generational, and multiracial coalition of Cleveland residents in leading an evening of peaceful action to demand accountability and justice in the moments leading up to the first Presidential Debate in Cleveland, OH September 29th, 2020. The Cleveland Presidential Debate Protest for Black Lives and Climate Justice will be held at Wade Lagoon Park in University Circle from 5-8pm and will feature speakers, musicians, poets from our community sharing stories of the future we want to make and the struggles we share.

Please be prepared for rain, and be aware that due to targeted state action against peaceful assembly, this may not be a family friendly environment.

If you cannot make it out on this day, we invite you to take action virtually — follow and support our coalition partners on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, and find out how you can get more involved:

Black Lives Matter Cleveland, Sunrise Movement CWRU Hub and Sunrise Movement Cleveland Hub, Resist Operation Relentless Pursuit-Operation Legend Cleveland, DSA Cleveland, Black Spring Cle, Safer Heights, the InterReligious Taskforce on Central America, Defend Black Women, The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, Communist Party USA, Jail Coalition Cuy County, New Voices for Reproductive Justice and others

Please like, comment and repost posts from the rally, our calls to action, or posts on racial and climate justice. #firstdebate #CLEdemandsaction #DebateProtestCLE

The Cleveland Presidential Debate Protest for Black Lives and Climate Justice

Sept 29th, 5:00PM-8:00PM

Wade Lagoon Park in University Circle – Cleveland, Ohio

Info for attendees is here, PLEASE READ:

For media inquiries about this event, please contact /// (216) 220-6875‬ for more information or interviews.

Thank you for your continued support and solidarity.

Black Lives Matter Cleveland

Breonna Taylor Press Statement



Only one officer was charged in the incident of Breonna Taylor. We say the incident, because Breonna’ death is not even mentioned in the indictment but neighbors are . The incident is an issue; but her death does not rise to the level of importance that warrants prosecution.

Black Lives Matter Cleveland wishes to acknowledge FACTS in the murder of Breonna Taylor and what has followed after her death:

A “no knock” warrant was executed on the residence of Ms.Taylor, and law enforcement fully cognizant of the fact that when forcing entry into a residence there is an element of surprise, especially during the night.

Law enforcement was met with force as occupants attempted to protect against a perceived break in, and rather than take cover and regroup, they wanted revenge for an officer down first and to give and receive answers later.

They got their revenge….

Officer Brett Hankison did recklessly fire his sidearm into the window of Breonna Taylor without a target in sight, and without regard for other residents in the apartment building.

Also a fact is that officer John Mattingly who was part of that execution believes nothing was done wrong. And the last facts to be noted are as follows:

12 million dollars in monetary compensation is not justice.

Random drug testing of officers is not justice but it’s long overdue and it is not enough to protect and to prevent.

Nationwide knee jerk reactions of politicians to ban choke holds and think that these gestures mean anything are nothing more than insulting.

In this case, change looks like mandatory bodycams being worn. It looks like officers and prosecutors having gag orders regarding police involved shootings because of jury tainting; and most assuredly it looks like getting rid of qualified immunity and binding arbitration if we can expect to see officers held accountable.

Black Lives Matter Cleveland stands in solidarity with the Family of Breonna Taylor and all others who are traumatized and grieve this senseless loss.

We struggle to understand why a society and government who repeatedly deny our humanity expects peace and diplomacy when peace and diplomacy never gets us justice.

Black Lives Matter Cleveland

Presidential Debate: And The State Of Black Lives Matter

The First Presidential Debate is being hosted here in Cleveland, One of several Cities chosen by the Trump Administration, a Department of Justice policing initiative targeting seven “most violent cities Albuquerque, Baltimore, Detroit, Kansas City, Memphis, and Milwaukee. 

“Operation Relentless Pursuit” and “Operation Legend”.

Seven cities were selected for this military-style policing “surge”. OPR was proposed by US Attorney General William Barr as a way to pour money into seven “problem cities” with the goal of hiring more police, increasing police militarization, widening the surveillance net, and evading local control. 

Just as with other policing efforts, this surge is targeting black and brown communities, especially youth. While here in Cleveland we have a prosecutor who has a record of binding over black juveniles at an alarming rate. We have a police department who has a pattern and practice of using excessive and deadly force against black and brown people, who just shot out a man’s eye with a rubber bullet this past May 30th.

We say NO to this racist funding project, and we are calling on all Cleveland area community members, organizers, activists, residents of Cleveland, as well as Ohio and national police and prison abolitionists to join us in Cleveland on September 29th 2020. As we demand an end to Trump’s reign of terror on black people, black communities, and communities of color.  We demand changes to the ways in which our communities are policed. We demand the arrest and conviction of police officer’s who murder black people with impunity. We demand the divesting of federal and local funding of police, and we demand the re-investing in black communities, communities of color, schools, affordable housing, health care, mental health, drug treatment, and living wages.

Come out and join us at 5pm next Tuesday September 29th For the first Presidential Debate of the 2020 Presidential Election Facebook Event page Link: 

 Date: Tuesday, September 29th

Time: 5pm – 8pm

Location: Wade Lagoon

also known as the Duck Pond

Police Accountability

Sunday September 20th 9:30am -10:45am Virtual Community Forum on Police Accountability: Racism, Reforms and the Future.

Featuring our very own Vice President and Co-Founder Kareem Henton. Join Us! All Are Welcome!!!! Register with the Zoom link and password provided on the flyer.

Webinar ID: 935 5452 2255; Password: 903352 Or press the link:

We demand three hearings and open public comment on Operation Legend.

Call on Cleveland City Council to Demand Public Comment on Operation Legend!


It is our understanding that on Sept. 3, 2020 the Safety Committee of Cleveland City Council approved and forwarded to full Council a proposal for a grant application to participate in the Department of Justice program called Operation Relentless Pursuit/Operation Legend, the latest of many initiatives pairing local law enforcement with federal agents and overseen by the US Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.

This federal police funding initiative should be subject to the legal requirement for three hearings. We demand this legal process and reject any proposal to pass “emergency” measures to bring Operation Relentless Pursuit/Operation Legend to Cleveland without public hearing or comment.

This is a moment in which the citizens of Cleveland need to engage in conversation about public safety in our city. Here are some of the points we would like Council to debate:

Read the rest of the petition  . 

Visit the Resist Operation Relentless Pursuit/Legend to learn more about the DOJ program. 

For media or general inquiries: 

It is important to have our voices heard. Sign the petition and call your councilperson, demand public hearings before voting on Operation Legend.

Ward #

1 Joe Jones 216-664-4944

2 Kevin Bishop 216-664-4945

3 Kerry McCormick 216-664-2691

4 Ken Johnson 216-664-4941

5 Phyllis Cleveland 216-664-2309

6 Blaine Griffin 216-664-4234

7 Basheer Jones 216-664-2908

8 Michael Polensek 216-664-4236

9 Kevin Conwell 216-664-4252

10 Anthony Hairston 216-664-4743

11 Brian Mooney 216-664-3708

12 Anthony Brancatelli 216-664-4233

13 Kevin Kelley 216-664-4579

14 Jasmin Santana 216-664-4238

15 Matt Zone 216-664-4235

16 Brian Kazy 216-664-2942

17 Charles Slife 216-664-4239