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  • BLMCLE ShotSpotter Toolkit
    Dear Comrades, Concerned Citizens of Cleveland Cleveland City Council is voting this Thursday 10/6/22 on Ordinance No. 909-2022 unveiled plans to spend $2,758,500 of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) money on expanding its partnership with ShotSpotter, a company whose business model is reliant on this desperation. ShotSpotter claims that it’s
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  • Surveillance is not Safety
    An open letter to Mayor Justin Bibb, Cleveland City Council, Chief of police Wayne Drummond, Safety Director Karrie Howard On behalf of concerned citizens and the undersigned organizations. We call upon Mayor Justin Bibb and all 17 members of Cleveland City Council to stop purchasing surveillance and start listening to
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  • Cleveland Council Must Cancel ShotSpotter
    by LaTonya Goldsby, President of BLM Cleveland Gun violence is devastating Cleveland neighborhoods, leaving elected officials scrambling for answers. This desire to save lives and end community violence, has unfortunately led to desperate attempts to find a solution. The city recently unveiled plans to spend $2,758,500 of American Rescue Plan
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