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  • Tamia Chapman Rally & Press Conference
    Tamia Chappman should be here with us today. She should be in the library, safe, laughing with her friends and dreaming about her future. She is not. She is not with us because we continue to allow lives like hers to be devalued. She is not with us because police,
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  • The Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict
    Would the same Judges and juries of our peers acquit a BLM protestor armed with military-grade weaponry gunning down an unarmed Proud Boy or III% militiamen during a Blue Lives Matter Protest? We pose this question to provoke the tragic condition in which our nation finds itself following the verdict
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  • Take action against Blaine Griffin’s undemocratic attempt to control city council
    In less than 24 hours after the election, Councilman Blaine Griffin and 6 other members of Cleveland City Council called for an election for the New Council President. History is repeating itself for another freshman group of Cleveland City Council members and incumbents. Last term in Cleveland City Council,  just
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